Protection of Civilian

Protection of Civilian

26 Feb 2015

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Protection of civilians is an important task which allows for no compromise. Durable peace is not tenable if civilians lack security and are not safe.


The concept on protection of civilians is well founded in international humanitarian laws. It is also well established that the State has the primary responsibility to protect its citizens. At the same time, all parties to conflict must honour and strictly comply with their obligations under international laws, international humanitarian and human rights laws.   


Thailand shares with the international community’s concern on deliberate target or attack at innocent civilians. Thailand therefore calls on all parties to the conflict, including non-state armed groups, to strictly uphold the international human rights and humanitarian laws as well as implement all relevant UNSC resolutions.  


Protection of civilians, particularly women and girls, is multidimensional and needs holistic approach to address the whole spectrum, namely humanitarian, human rights, peacekeeping and peacebuilding.  Thailand also underlines the need that host governments and all parties to the conflict must pay particular attention to the issue of humanitarian assistance. 


Thailand is also concerned at the increase of casualties among humanitarian actors and the destruction of necessary social facilities, particularly hospitals, schools, drinking water resources. Thailand calls on all parties to the conflict to ensure that humanitarian personnel as well as their facilities are protected and their work facilitated. 


Peacekeeping operations with protection mandate is one of the important UN’s tools to protect civilians in armed conflict.  Thailand supports the Security Council’s authorization of 10 peacekeeping missions with protection mandates.


At national level, Thailand attaches importance to raising awareness on the respect for human rights and protection of civilians, put in place human rights mechanisms, strengthen judicial system and institutions as well as incorporate international laws and concept of protection of civilians into the curriculum of military academies.


Thailand reiterates its readiness to contribute and render all necessary support to the international endeavours on the prevention of conflict and the protection of civilians.